TRY IT! Tastings
With a rum online store to the top.


From an idea to a well-known brande

For the ambitious project TRY IT! Tastings, an online store specializing in rum tastings, we developed a comprehensive digital solution that goes far beyond the standard online store. Based on the Shopify platform, we created a customized store that was enhanced with a variety of additional functions and an integrated ERP system, Pickware.

We accompanied this project from the initial idea to the ongoing optimization and further development, with a special focus not only on the technical implementation, but also on brand and product development.

Our team created a unique brand image that is reflected in the appealing design of the online store and the products. This holistic approach allowed us to build a strong brand identity that makes TRY IT!

The integration of the ERP system Pickware enables efficient warehouse and inventory management, automated ordering processes and optimized logistics. This technical solution not only supports the smooth operation of the online store, but also provides a scalable platform for future growth.

With this project, we have set a milestone in the digital retail landscape, enabling TRY IT! Tastings to establish itself as a leading brand in the rum tasting sector.

services in this project:

Brand concept
Brand design
Product Design
eCommerce Design & Development
Social Media
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