We are more than just consultants;
we are practical implementers, problem solvers and growth accelerators.

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Your brand in first place

At BRØRD, we know which levers have the greatest possible leverage to help your company grow. What sets us apart from others? We not only have theoretical knowledge, but also years of practical experience.

  • Sales increased by up to € 450,000 per month.
  • More than just consultants; we are practical implementers & problem solvers
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Our mission is clear: We not only make your message visible, but also transport it directly into the hearts and minds of your target group.

Website & eCommerce

We don't just design websites and online stores; we create digital worlds that convert your visitors into paying customers.

Our designs are intuitive, appealing and tailor-made for your success.

SEO consulting and implementation

Our expertise in search engine optimization and advertising brings your brand to the top of the search results. We make sure that your target group finds you when it matters most.

Your external Marketing

Whether it's developing a new strategy or optimizing existing campaigns, we are at your side with our experience and expertise.

Make our team your team and experience how we can achieve your marketing goals together.


TRY IT! Tastings

For the ambitious project TRY IT! Tastings, an online store specializing in rum tastings, we have developed a comprehensive digital solution that goes far beyond the standard of an online store.

OnDAM Paris

In our recent collaboration with ACTIVO, a renowned Paris-based company, we created an innovative website for the OnDAM Paris event, which was successfully launched in early 2024.


What does working with BRØRD look like?

The issue that brought you to us is particularly important to us. That's why we usually start with a conversation to better understand your experiences and challenges. Based on this exchange, we develop a customized and free marketing concept that is precisely tailored to your needs and with which we can help you effectively.

How long do you have to do SEO?

Optimizing your entries on Google does not happen overnight. Only through the continuous optimization of existing and new content on your site can the ranking be sustainably optimized. The immense advantage of SEO optimization is permanent rankings. After 3 - 6 months, you will usually receive trend-setting results.

What does the collaboration cost?

The cost of our services is based solely on the scope of the services provided to you. Factors such as your turnover, the number of your employees or your prestige have no influence on our pricing.

How much preparation time do we need?

In a nutshell: The preparation time depends on the scope and nature of the task we are given. As a rule, there are 7 to 14 days between getting to know each other and the start of productive work.

What languages do we work in?

The cooperation with our customers takes place in English or German. However, this does not limit us in the creation of international content. We use our global network and incorporate quality checks by native speakers into our workflows.

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